Our Philosophy

Jabberwocky Journey Learning Academy operates under the philosophy that children gain knowledge about the world through play - alone, with others and in groups. Learning occurs when the environment allows children of diverse cultures to role-play, practice social rules, express emotions in a non-threatening way and develop mental abilities through play. Children are born learners and are naturally curious. We offer an environment that nurtures each child's unique talents and abilities. We work to develop children's self confidence and a love of learning. As each child develops independence and self help skills, he/she will also practice the social skills necessary for successful friendships. We strive to instill self-respect and respect for others 


Jabberwocky Journey Learning Academy is an Independent Nondenominational School. Our school community has no religious affiliation. We welcome all faiths and cultures.

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Phone: (830) 964-2358

Email: jabberwockyjourney@gvtc.com