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Q & A



Q: Are hot meals offered?

A: No; however, snacks are provided. Children must come to school with a packed lunch every day.







​Q: What are my payment options? Can I pay ahead of time or in increments?

​A: Jabberwocky Journey offers a variety of payments options that fit you and your family's financial needs. Tuition can be paid at the beginning of each month, can be paid ahead of time, or can be divided into two payments at the first and middle of each month.



Q: When can we come in for a tour? Do we have to call ahead of time?

A: Tour times are consistent everyday, and are from 9:00 A.M. to 11 A.M. and 2:30 P.M to 3:30 P.M. Walk ins are welcome.

Q: On what holidays does Jabberwocky Journey close its doors?

A: The following holidays are "off days" for Jabberwocky Journey: Good Friday, Memorial day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving day and the day that follows, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Years Eve, and New Years day. All are listed on our monthly calendar.



Q: Are employees trained to handle emergency situations?

​A: Yes. Employees are thoroughly trained in emergency protocol for children, including CPR and first-aid. In case of emergency, children will be released only to individuals listed as guardians or emergency contacts. Jabberwocky Journey practices fire drills as well.




Q: What kind of disciplinary action does Jabberwocky Journey practice?

A: Jabberwocky Journey believes in utilizing redirection techniques during cases of negative behavior and practices positive reinforcement.

Q: Does my child need to be potty trained before they can be enrolled?

A: No. Our potty-training regimen extends from our toddler class to our preschool c





Q: Do you close during severe weather situations?

​A: Yes. Jabberwocky Journey follows Comal County district notifications regarding public school closures during times of severe weather. Such information is available on local news networks, or can be accessed on our "Emergency Center" page.

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