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Babies in Playroom


"Children should become the role-models for us, for they are coated with the spirit from which they came and are brimming with the delight of life."

- Gerry Spence, 'Give Me Liberty'

Potty Training

With a consistent potty training schedule, our Littlewockies will be prepared for independence in the restroom. This program extends into our Preschool classroom. Progress is recorded on the board for parents to see.

Social/Emotional Focus

Emotional regulation is a trait exhibited, encouraged, and taught by our loving staff members as part of our toddler curriculum. With a social and emotional focus, we prepare our Littlewockies for Preschool.

Cafeteria-style Dining

Lunchtime is a time to relax, share stories about our day, and interact with our peers. Toddlers are learning how to sit in a chair and eat with utensils. Teachers are present at the table to assist and monitor.

Large Classroom

A spacious classroom with imaginative centers encourages our 2's to participate in group play with a wide variety of supplies for academic and social/emotional learning.



Each child has their own folder which documents their milestones made at school. These milestones are listed out by CPS, and are recorded during seasoning screenings.

Loving Staff

Our toddler teachers are a beloved part of our staff. It takes special individuals to lead the Littlewockies. Teachers sing, dance, play, and instruct with love and enthusiasm for the youngest of our kiddos.

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

The best place I could ever take my child! She has blossomed so much and is more advanced than others her age. I give much credit to Jabberwocky and the amazing ladies who make my angel smile and use her imagination! I recommend JJLA to everyone who wants their children's minds to explore and learn while playing!

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